What we offer our ecosystem partners

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The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem lies at the heart of the GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation’s activities. We believe there is a potential that is not fully tapped yet. Using that potential can have a huge impact on the lives of many people, including stakeholders in the respective country, outside investors and stakeholders as well as on the entrepreneurs themselves.

In order to support the existing ecosystems we engage in several activities: 
– Creating awareness for the dynamic entrepreneurship scene in Africa
– Facilitating the development of international partnerships by creating
frameworks for cooperation and execute dedicated initiatives
– Sharing knowledge and best-practices in the ecosystems

Our Projects

We work closely with GIZ partnering to strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystems and will facilitate partnerships between African SMEs and Start-Ups and European companies in the digital sector. We are proud that one of the world’s biggest and most proficient development agencies has chosen us as they partner in the sphere of African entrepreneurship.

Interested to know more? Get in-touch with us here

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