Unlocking the neo-African age where world-changing enterprises flourish.


We are on a mission to promote investment in African entrepreneurship.

who we are

A non-profit organization founded to promote the development of investment into African entrepreneurship and support creation of local economic and social added-value.

why we exist

There is an unrealized potential in entrepreneurship that we believe can best be harnessed by creating synergies between entrepreneurs, investors and institutions.

what we do

Creating an environment in which different stakeholders have the opportunity to collaborate achieving mutual benefit and enlarging the current set of opportunities.


Our first year of operation, 2019, took us across Africa to connect the ecosystem in East, West and Southern Africa with European investors. 

African start-up ecosystem

In 2019 the foundation hosted a pan-African event and co-hosted hackathons, pitching competitions and workshops for stakeholders across Africa.

GCAF hosted three investor trips to engage with African entrepreneurs in Europe and in West Africa. These meetings led to six activated investment opportunities.

investor - founder meetings
African startups supported

At #GCAF our experienced venture building team provides business strategy recommendations to improve your investor readiness level. 

Our support for the startup ecosystem has engaged West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa and Europe,

countries engaged
African entrepreneurs trained

The team hosted two masterclasses to better equip African start-ups for the investment process. 72 Start-ups have been supported with access to our online digital resource on investment where they receive one-on-one mentorship.

One of the foundations’ focus areas is Female Entrepreneurship and in 2019 we supported two pitching events.

female founders coached


Balancing support activities that impact startups and their ecosystems with activities directed towards investors and corporates to offer an integrated approach.

#GCAF uses a two-pronged approach actively supporting the startup ecosystem and, in parallel, actively engaging the global investor networks. Our work involves collaborating with institutions and other key players within African entrepreneurship ecosystems and supporting them to achieve desired results and impacts.

Activating the
Startup Ecosystem

To amplify our impact through pan-African collaboration

We aim to enable collaborative efforts through knowledge sharing and action thereby building new and strengthen existing networks among local and regional players. We believe that through deepening cross-pollination of best practices between stakeholders we can better equip entrepreneurs across Africa and leap frog into the African age where world-changing enterprises flourish.

Unlocking Investment Opportunities

To transform interest in African entrepreneurship into active investments.

  1. Enable meaningful exchanges between investors and African startups,
  2. Build new and strengthen existing networks among a diverse group of investors,
  3. Deepen understanding of the African startup ecosystem and build trust among stakeholders.

About the GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation (#GCAF)


Established in 2018 as a Non-Profit Organisation and registered in Germany. The foundation has offices in Frankfurt and Namibia.


Governed by an experienced steering committee and knowledgeable senior management team with a passion for Africa.


Supported by GreenTec Capital Partners, an award-winning company with high-value networks across Africa and Europe.


Backed by the German Government’s Development Agency, GIZ, with substantial financial contribution to create valuable impact.

The Founders and Extended Steering committee

Erick Yong


Thomas Festerling


Our Advisory Board

Tomi Davies

President, African Business Angel Network

Prof Dr Stefan Liebing

FORMER President, German-African Business Association

Matthias von Bismarck

Chief Representative at Investionsbank Berlin

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