Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
2-4 OCT 2019

This event is organized by the GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation
towards investing in Africa’s future in collaboration with the
Land of African Business.

The GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation (GCAF) and Land of African Business (LAB) joined hands because we believe that collaboration is the key to creating more value for African entrepreneurs and enablers who are shaping African entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems.

The goal of the annual #EOM event is to catalyze actions towards supporting and investing in African entrepreneurs so that they can grow and scale their businesses. In doing so, we look beyond the borders of countries and regions. We are inclusive to startups and supporters from across Africa. We believe it is only through collaboration beyond borders that we can harness Africa’s full potential.

We are a non-profit organization founded with the mission of promoting investment in African entrepreneurship. We believe that there is an unrealized potential in African entrepreneurship. And we believe that we can harness this potential by stronger collaboration between entrepreneurs, investors and institutions. 

We see that entrepreneurs can be strong drivers of sustainable development and inclusive growth. Many of their solutions and business approaches are tackling economic and societal challenges. In addition, every successful business creates job – jobs that are needed for Africa’s youth. So we see aspiring and driven entrepreneurs as a blessing for the continent and do our best to unlock their potential from two sides: 

1. We support startups directly through strategic recommendations, matchmaking and competitions in which we support financially or function as judges to identify the rising stars of Africa and connect them with existing opportunities. 

2. We have realized that there is a lack of awareness among investors about African entrepreneurship ecosystems. So we take the time to share relevant insights with investors about their opportunities on the continent. In addition, we gather knowledge through research on African entrepreneurship in order to shed more light on Africa’s successful startups and how to better work with them.

With the aim of becoming a major player in the change of perception for African youth, le LAB seeks to promote inclusive initiatives on the African continent in vital areas such as: fintech, agro-business, education, ICT, energy, transport. The model of sharing knowledge and expertise allows the African continent to become what it should be! The African Rethink Awards (ARAs) are a unique startup competition which has been providing a platform to showcase young entrepreneurs with innovative initiatives. ARAs also offers opportunities to mobilize resources to further developed companies of the selected entrepreneurs.

Connect With High Level Stakeholders

High level stakeholders representing private and public sectors together with African entrepreneurs and key enablers/ influencers are present at #EOM. Voices of entrepreneurs must be heard by decision makers and entrepreneurs and ecosystem players need to know what the big players are planning. By having high level representatives present, a fruitful exchange is possible and synergies are elaborated for potential future

Workshops & Masterclasses

We make sure that every participant leaves each annual event saying: “Being here has enriched me, my business or my organization”. So instead of talking we are doing! In
hands-on-workshops and masterclasses with experienced
trainers, mentors and coaches who work on solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

Female Empowerment

Female entrepreneurs have proven to be successful, driven and have the highest impact on their environment when the business is running well. Knowing this, we put a specific emphasis on female entrepreneurs and how they can be shapers of Africa’s future. In dedicated sessions we elaborate the role of women in business on the African continent and how to further broaden opportunities towards financial inclusion.

Meet Investors

GCAF established a club of Investors in 2019. Members from Europe attend the annual event and meet local entrepreneurs, enablers and influencers. This is a great opportunity which leads to potential business deals and win-win partnerships.


Emmanuel Esmel Essis

Secretary of State to the Prime Minister in charge of promoting private investment, Côte d’Ivoire

Secretary of State Emmanuel Esmel Essis has over 35 years of experience in the private sector, serving, among other positions, as Managing Director of the Equatorial Coca Cola Bottling Company (ECCBC) for Guinea, The Gambia and Guinea Bissau as well as Director of Amsey’s International Consulting (AIC). Next to his current position as Secretary of State and Managing Director of the CEPICI (Center for Investment Promotion in Côte d’Ivoire) he is the President of the International Network of Francophone Investment Promotion Agencies (RIAFPI).

Ethel Cofie

Founder Women in Tech Africa, Ghana

Ethel Cofie is the founder of Women in Tech Africa, an organization with a focus on entrepreneurship expansion and multiplying the numbers of females in technology especially in Africa. It is Africa’s largest women in tech group with members in over 30 Africa countries and in the diaspora.  She is also an Africa Digital Expert, CEO and Founder of EDEL Technology Consulting, an IT Consulting Company in West Africa and Europe, and was recently named IT Consulting Firm of the year by the Telecoms and IT Industry. 

Euphrasie Kouassi Yao

Special Adviser to the President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire

Euphrasie Kouassi Yao is Special Adviser to the President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire in charge of gender equality and the only female UNESCO chairholder in Côte d’Ivoire. Formerly, she served as Minister for Women, Family and Child Protection. Mrs. Kouassi Yao is a graduate of the MDE / IESE of Barcelona and the developer of the Compendium of Female Competencies of Côte d’Ivoire, an internationally renowned platform of more than 15 thousand women. 

Petra Wolkenstein

CEO, Konsultori, Austria

Petra Wolkenstein is an experienced Mergers & Acquisitions expert in the technology field. She advises start-ups and mid-sized companies on growth topics covering international market entry, partnerships, negotiations and buying (selling) companies and getting investors on board. She is managing director of Konsultori, the experts for sustainable business development and runs an international platform to get start-ups investor-ready.

Awa Thiam

Startup Founder, Lifantou, Senegal

Awa Thiam has been involved in humanitarian missions for more than a decade.  As a telecommunications engineer, she decided to put her technical expertise at the service of these children, in Senegal and in Africa. Awa’s work has been recognized by international challenges as the Young African Leadership Initiative of President Obama, The Agri Startup Summit in France, the Woman In Africa Initiative and the Tony Elumelu Foundation. The Lifantou platform is now opened and counts 75 farmers for the beginning of the new school year. 

Thomas Festerling

CEO, GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation, Germany

Thomas Festerling has more than 10 years experience in the financial sector, inter alia as Head of Product Management at the Deutsche Bank (DB). In the middle of his successful career he decided to apply his wealth of financial expertise towards work with more direct impact and co-founded GreenTec Capital Partners where he serves as CFO. Since 2018 he is also the CEO of GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation.

Kamal Yakub

Startup Founder, TroTro Tractor, Ghana

Kamal Yakub is a passionate entrepreneur with 11 years of corporate accounting and marketing experience. He is driven by the vision to solve peculiar problems in agriculture through the usage of ICT and IoT tools. With TroTro Tractor he founded the socalled “Uber for Tractors”, providing farmers access to machinery to mechanize their farms and increase productivity.

Erick Yong

CEO and Co-Founder, GreenTec Capital Partners, Germany

Erick became an entrepreneur and strategic consultant immediately after his studies, building his track record of launching and scaling up new business concepts. He is a specialist in international marketing strategies, implementing brand strategies, marketing plans and communication campaigns. Together with Thomas Festerling he co-founded GreenTec Capital Partners and co-developed the unique investment approach.

Quentin Rukingama

Managing Partner, JBQ Africa, Kenya

Quentin is Managing Partner at JBQ Africa, an Impactful Agribusiness Advisory Support firm. During his career he has been contributing to the provision of access to investments and loans for African companies. He is an active Member of a Pan-African Think Tank – Club Diallo Telli – dedicated to tackle developmental issues through thought-provoking recommendations.

Dario Giuliani

Founder, BriterBridges,
United Kingdom

Dario is the founder of Briter, a data-driven company focused on innovative ecosystem across emerging markets. He works at the intersection of technology, private sector development, and fast-growing economies and has spent a large part of his career across
Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe, collaborating with organizations such as the GSMA, DFID, Oxford University,
MEST and the IFC.

Henri Nyakarundi

Startup Founder, ARED, Rwanda

Henri Nyakarundi is a native Rwandan who moved to the US in 1996 to study computer science. After graduation he soon realized that a 9-5 was not his calling, and he was an entrepreneur at heart. Over the next 10 years he founded and developed trucking and construction businesses in both the US and Burundi. However, the green sector is his true passion. He has been developing ARED for the past three years, and as of 2013 has returned to Rwanda to startup this company full time.

Flora Ismail Tibazarwa

Programme Director, SAIS Phase II,

Flora Ismail Tibazarwa is the Programme Director for the Southern African Innovation Flora is an active player in the design of funding cycles for research and innovation from design and publication of calls, administration and selection of reviewers to disbursement of funds and monitoring and evaluation. Flora is passionate about sustainable transformation using green and blue solutions and thus prefers to promote entrepreneurship particularly by way of the innovative cluster approach that benefits multi-helix approaches.

Prof. Keolebogile Shirley Motaung

Full Professor, Biomedical Scientist,
South Africa

Motaung’s research focuses mainly on stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine using medicinal plants for bone and cartilage regeneration. She has used her innovation and expertise in plant-based morphogenetic factors in tissue engineering of bone and articular cartilage to manufacture natural anti-inflammatory ointment/cream named La-Africa Soother (LAS) from medicinal plants. The LAS product offers athletes, sportsmen and women an alternative natural anti-inflammatory cream/ointment. 

Atanas L. Mluki

CEO, AfriLife Products Limited, Tanzania

Atanas L. Mluki is the founder and CEO of AfriLife Products Limited. He was born in Kabila village, Tabora municipal a famous traditional bee keeping area in western Tanzania. He learnt and practiced the basics of beekeeping from his grandparents, parents and fellow villagers from early childhood. In 2013, he co-founded AfriLife Products Ltd, a company with a mission to empower traditional beekeepers economically and technically by promoting biodiversity through sustainable bee keeping. 

Kaunapaua Ndilula

Finance Specialist, Namibia

Kauna Ndilula is a Development Finance Specialist with diverse experience in institutional strategy development and execution. Her strength lies mainly in policy formulation, strategy development, enterprise development program design, business growth strategy development, and investment management. Kauna has designed policy guidelines for various programs such as the Namibia Procurement Fund, Bank Windhoek SME financing strategy and created several financing interventions to unlock bottlenecks in Namibia and the region. 

David Erhun

International Development and Global Talent Scout at thecamp, France

 With an eclectic mix of experiences behind him, David heads up International Development and is a Global Talent Scout at thecamp, a brand new campus dedicated to supporting social innovation and emerging technology in the South of France. With a background in international development and a keen interest in supporting innovation ecosystems around the world, he contributes to the curation of the HIVE International Creative Collaborative residency programme and the selection of 20 bright young creatives each year. 

Nyankum Isaac

Startup Co-founder and Production manager of KLAKS Technologies, Ghana

Nyankum Isaac is a co-founder and Production manager of KLAKS Technologies. He holds Certificate 2 in Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice from Takoradi Technical Institute. He is passionate about innovation and creativity and loves making stuff. He’s skilled in Digital Manufacturing and also fabrication in general, and loves rapid prototyping, for short he is a MAKER. He’s been in GHANA FAB LAB which falls under the MIT Fab Lab global community as lab assistant for 4years and currently a Makerspace Manager at Kumasi Hive. 

Pauline Koelbl

Strategic Advisor, GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation, PROWAH Co-Founder,
Angel Investor, Switzerland

A Freelance Innovation Catalyst, Angel Investor, Innovation Ecosystems Strategic Advisor and seasoned impact-driven Team Leader, Pauline has over 20 years’ experience in international affairs and philanthropy industries. She is a leading expert and influencer on the transformation of developing countries to emerging economies by designing programs & policies fostering inclusive innovations.  Pauline recently co-founded PROWAH (Professional Women of African Heritage) in Switzerland and she serves on several Boards of institutions focusing on investment in Africa, entrepreneurship and innovation. Her passion lies in innovation, entrepreneurship and empowerment of youth and women. 

Melkies Ausiku

Founder LEFA Transportation Services (Pty) Ltd, Namibia

Melkies Ausiku is the founder of the LEFA transportation app. He completed his BEng(Electrical) at University of Pretoria. After a brief spell in the engineering industry, he embarked on an entrepreneurship journey which led to the birth of LEFA. When he is not glued to the computer optimizing and monitoring LEFA, coordinating drivers or building relationships with corporate companies, he is on a tour guiding tourists to some of Namibia’s most iconic destinations.He is currently working on an expansion plan for LEFA to launch in other towns in Namibia as well as neighboring countries.

Ademola Okulaja

Founder and CEO, Pro4Pros, Germany

Ademola has a background as a professional basketball player. He gathered international experience over 20 years playing for renowned teams such as Philadelphia 76ers, FC Barcelona, ALBA Berlin. In addition, he played 13 years for the German national team, of those years 8 as the captain. After his successful career as a basketball player, Ademola Okulaja started working with professional athletes using his know-how on and off the court. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina and a Masters in Sports Marketing and Communication.

María Ángeles
León López

Co-Founder, Open Value
Foundation, Spain

A trained economist with a 20-year track record at Telefónica, María Ángeles is the co-founder of Open Value Foundation, a non-profit with a hybrid model between traditional philanthropy and private capital investment. She is also the creative mind behind the Global Social Impact Fund, a social impact fund and the result of a search for a more efficient and impactful way to support the most disadvantaged. María Ángeles is passionate about her work, and enjoys giving to, sharing with and trusting people. She is convinced that there are alternative and complementary ways to solve the problems affecting Humanity, and therefore her motto is: “We believe that everyone can achieve their full potential; we just have to open
doors of opportunity.

Frank Dupuis

Dupuis Investments, Germany

Frank is the Founder and Principal of the leading German Real Estate Investment and Asset Management (REIM) platforms Dupuis GmbH & Co. Asset-Management KG (since 1998) and Deutsche Asset One (since 2015) with Real Estate Assets-under-Management of 1.2 bn EUR and more than 8.500 apartments in Germany. He is shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CAERUS AG; Non-Executive Board Member of IEG – Investment Banking Group, Co-Founder of Grant Dupuis Investment Management Ghana and Founding Trustee of the IREBS Foundation for African Real Estate Research

Stephanie Assi

Co-Founder and CTO of Moja Ride, United States/Côte d’Ivoire​

Stephanie Assi is a Technology Entrepreneur with a passion for FinTechs and Artificial intelligence. Stephanie is the co-founder and CTO of Moja Ride, a mobility as a service solution connecting all modes of transportation under the same platform with a unique electronic payment solution. She is an Experienced Software Architect with 10+ years of success with web-based software, database, cloud solutions, and building strong cutting-edge solutions that solve real world problems.

Lukonga Lindunda

Co-Founder and Executive Director of BongoHive, Zambia

Lukonga Lindunda has over 11 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and development partners. As a startup ecosystem builder, Lukonga is co-founder and Executive Director of BongoHive, supporting the launch and growth of enterprises and also making Zambia the next hotbed of innovation in Africa.
His mission is to elevate Lusaka and the rest of Zambia as a top destination to live, work, learn, and play by helping entrepreneurs, startups, and growth companies to start, stay, and prosper in the local ecosystem.

Fayelle Ouane

Co-Founder of Suguba, Senegal

Fayelle Ouane is the Co-Founder of Suguba. Suguba is a regional platform that fosters robust entrepreneurial ecosystems in West Africa and promotes regional integration by focusing on youth and women entrepreneurship. She develops entrepreneur support programs to enhance their ability to attract funding and create jobs. She started her career in strategy consulting and she has experience leading multinationals’ expansion across Africa in the healthcare industry. Since 2015, Fayelle has focused on empowering and supporting social impact entrepreneurs across Francophone Africa. She co-founded Impact Hub Bamako in 2016, Impact Hub Dakar in 2018 and i-Hub Abidjan in 2019. Fayelle is a Tutu fellow and she holds a BA in Economics and International Relations from Stanford University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.  

Karim Sy

Founder of Jokkolabs, President-Digital Africa, Business Angel, Ashoka Fellow, Senegal

Karim Sy is a serial entrepreneur, a business angel and an active builder of the African innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem with strong international alliances. Since 2010, he is creating invisible infrastructure throughout Africa, and beyond, to support entrepreneurs and innovators. He is the founder of Jokkolabs* – a private non profit organisation – and launches in Senegal on the 10/10/10 one of the first African innovation hubs* organising new format of events (startup weekend, Mobile Monday, etc.) and supporting different innovation communities. In October 2018, he is elected Chairman of Digital Africa, a non profit alliance (led by the French Development Agency), with the mission of shaping and strengthening the African entrepreneurial & innovation ecosystem.

Caitlin Nash

Communication Strategist, The Loudhailer, South Africa

Caitlin Nash is a communication strategist from the heart with experience in executive support, government, leadership, and innovation. She is an experienced crisis communicator known for bringing energy and new and cohesive thinking to projects. She is a strong contributor to the African Leadership Initiative (ALI) and pioneered Municipal Communications at a Provincial and National level for a decade in South Africa. Caitlin is committed to raising visibility of the African innovation story to stimulate inward investment for solutions solving real African problems while growing innovative businesses and programmes.

Loïc Dablé

Chef and Founder of Migrations,
Cote d’Ivoire

Loïc Dablé is an Ivorian-French Chef serving Pan-African Food. He was born & trained in France. He worked for many luxurious Hotels & Restaurants. He is now based in Africa. He uses his know-how, and 20 years experience for training youth in Africa, especially women & migrants inside his restaurant Migrations. Migrations is a restaurant based in Abidjan, that proposes a contemporary healthy & casual
Pan-African Food during the day and private dinning experiences at night. Migrations is also a social project that aims at reintegrating
local migrants.

Vere Shaba

Founder & CEO of Greendesign Africa, South Africa

Vere Shabais a multi-award winning mechanical engineer from South Africa. Having worked for multinational engineering consulting firms for 9 years as a green building engineer, she has extensive experience in commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, residential and theatre projects. Since being founded in 2016, Greendesign now has a team in 6 African countries and is overseeing over 100 000 sqm of projects with a project value of 73 million €. Vere was appointed as the Green Star Accredited Professional for the Newtown Junction mixed-use development in Johannesburg in 2013. This mixed-use precinct project won Vere her first award after graduation as Newtown Junction went on to become the recipient of three South African Property Owners Association Innovative Awards including Overall Winner for transformation, heritage, green sustainability and innovation.

Foster Ofosu

Innovation and Capacity Development Specialist of African Development
Bank (AfDB), Cote D’Ivoire

Foster Ofosu is an economist with over 20 years experience in researching, teaching and practicing International Business and Innovation Management in Europe and Africa. He is currently an innovation and capacity development specialist at the African Development Bank (AfDB). He is an innovation and technology driver with entrepreneurial instincts and training, supporting creative initiatives inside and outside organizations. Within the AfDB, Foster has championed internal innovation by staff in organizational transformation and led various initiatives in providing support to innovators and entrepreneurs in Africa. He is also the founder and Chief Excitement Officer of Idea2Market Foundation, a charity aimed at igniting and supporting innovative ideas to help tackle social and economic challenges in Africa. Foster has an insatiable passion for developing the capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, especially among the youth.

Judith Helfmann

Head of Foreign Trade & Development Policy at the Afrika Verein der
Deutschen Wirtschaft, Germany

Judith Helfmann is Head of Foreign Trade & Development Policy at the Afrika Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. (German-African Business Association) on secondment on behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). She is responsible for all country and sector strategies.

Mrs. Helfmann studied international law in Germany and China. She started her professional career in 1998 with the Bundesverband der deutschen Industrie e.V., BDI (Federation of German Industries), in the field of international relations and policy. In 2000 she joined Ernst & Young as an auditor and business consultant. Before joining the Afrika Verein in 2011 she was working with the Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG) as an Investment Manager for Asia and Microfinance. In addition Mrs. Helfmann-Hundack is a certified moderator and facilitator, focusing on strategy development, government consultations and moderation of high-end events throughout Europe and Africa –
you matter today

Fanny Dauchez

Business Development & Regional
Alliances for Seedstars Africa,
Cote d’Ivoire

Fanny is in charge of Seedstars Academy in Abidjan, a 6-month program designed to train and coach entrepreneurial talents with the skill sets required to launch their ventures. Fanny has travelled with Seedstars to 20+ countries in Africa to select and mentor tech startups.

In the past she was the high right-hand woman of the French Digital Champion of the European Commission, supported the Africa France Summit in Mali and worked for a platform about science and innovation in Africa.

Sonita Tossou

Founder and Managing Director of
Fenou Foods & Packaging, Benin

Sonita Tossou is the Founder and Managing Director of Fenou Foods & Packaging. Through its platform, the startup created in 2017, provides Agripreuneurs with agri-food packaging of very good quality and 100% biodegradable. This preserves the environment and improves the quality of Made In Africa agri-food products.

Wassim Chahbani

CTO and Co-Owner of Chahtech, Tunisia

Wassim Chahbani is a social entrepreneur, CTO and co-owner of Chahtech. Wassim holds a diploma in Electromechanical Engineering from the Université Libre de Tunis and has a strong background in business management. He is also involved in different regional networks related to environment and water security. Chahtech is a provider of an innovative, award winning subsurface irrigation system called the “Buried Diffuser”, that offers an efficient and effective localized irrigation by delivering water and nutrients to the plants at the root level, thus drastically reduces water loss from evaporation. In addition to other advantages such as anticipated irrigation, increased plants productivity, energy saving and higher ROI for farmers. He is currently working on promoting Water Entrepreneurship within the region by connecting and engaging the youth in developing solutions that deals with the current water and climate change challenges.

Kapasa Musonda

Startup Founder of Magishi
Doll Brand, Zambia

The Mangishi Doll Brand was Founded in 2012 by African Fashion Designer Kapasa Musonda, who was born and raised in Zambia. A member of the Forbes 30 under 30 List and passionate creative, Kapasa embarked on her fashion journey at age 17, winning a full scholarship to study Fashion & Design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. Having trouble finding a brand that she could work for thereafter, Kapasa returned home to Zambia and began the MD label. After three years of refining and rooting the brand, its first official collection ‘Maganizo’ was released in the Fall of 2016 giving the MD label its first independent online presence. Since then Mangishi Doll has released seasonal collections that have resonated with different people and cultures around the world and has dressed celebrities such as Angela Basset, Susan Kelechi Watson and Vonneta Stewart.

Jorge Appiah

Co-Founder of Kumasi Hive, Ghana

Jorge Appiah is a Technoprenuer and Africa Tech-Policy Expert with a background in Electrical/Electronic Engineering (BSc), Business Administration (MBA) and Renewable energy (MSc). He is the Co-founder/CEO of Kumasi Hive; a Tech Innovation Hub which through its Future Workforce for Africa Initiative trains undergraduate, unemployed and underemployed youth to acquire competent skills in emerging technologies (IoT, VR/AR, Biotech, Blockchain etc) for Problem-Solution-Startup incubation or getting employment. Jorge has over 10 years’ experience in technology development, innovation process management and managing technology-entrepreneurship communities. He is the CEO/Cofounder of SolarTaxi Ghana which is championing affordable clean transportation to facilitate free movement of Africans through the local assembling and manufacturing of Solar vehicles. Jorge is also the Lead founder and former Executive Chairman of the Ghana Hubs Network (GHN) and Technical partner of the implementing consortium for the Ghana Tech Lab, an digital innovation space aimed at acceleration of digital skills and digital entrepreneurship in Ghana. He is a member of the Africa Union Commission stakeholder engagement group for E-Commence development in Africa. Jorge is also the Curator for the Science and Education Track for Republica Accra 2018.

Juliette Ba Mairesse

Journalist, TV5MONDE Animator, RTI, Master of Ceremonies French and English, Moderator, Zen and Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, France

Juliette Ba Mairesse is a journalist by training. In the mid-90s she made the beautiful days of South FM, Senegal’s first radio where she made her weapons and animated the Matinale for 4 years. After a quick stint at RFI with Jean Hellene and many columns for the magazine Miss Ebène she returned to Senegal in 2003 to participate in the adventure 2STV. For 4 years, she is editor of the editorial board and organizes a large number of programs including the famous “Bantamba” wrestling program. She then sets her bags at the RTS and sets up the first Matinale TV in the country while ensuring the presentation of the 13H00 news. 

Lamine Barro

Startup Founder and CEO of Etudesk,
Cote d’Ivoire

Lamine has more than 7 years of experience as an IT consultant and trainer. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Biostatistics, is a Graduate of The Founder Institute (the worlds premier idea-stage accelerator based in Silicon Valley), MSP at Microsoft, Chairman and Founder of his University IT club and Chairman of an Interact Club (Rotary Foundation).

Kevin Urama

Senior Director, African Development Insitute, African Development Bank (AfDB).

Prof. Kevin Chika URAMA, Senior Director African Development Institute at the African Development Bank (AfDB) is responsible for shaping, coordinating and overseeing the Bank Group’s agenda and delivery of training and capacity development across the Bank’s complexes and in the regional member countries. Prof Urama was the Senior Advisor to the President of the Bank Group on Inclusive and Green Growth, Strategy, Policy Development & Implementation. 

Prof Urama serves on various boards and global research committees with a focus on delivering inclusive and green growth; and the Sustainable Development Goals. His current roles at the African Development Bank includes leading the Bank-wide capacity development efforts and supporting all African countries with cutting-edge policies to accelerate delivery on the High 5 priorities of the Bank, the SDGs and Agenda 2063 in countries and across regions. 


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