Thomas Festerling to attend the launch of NABAN in Windhoek, Namibia.

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Frankfurt (Germany) and Windhoek (Namibia), February 2020. GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation CEO & GreenTec Capital Partners CFO & Co-founder Thomas Festerling will be in Windhoek, Namibia to attend the launch of NABAN – the Namibian Business Angel Investor Network. The launch will be part of a series of events including an informal information session with relevant parties in the ecosystem as well as full-day masterclass with the founding members of NABAN.

ABAN President Tomi Davies

ABAN President Tomi Davies

The events are organized by the GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation in partnership with ABAN – the African Business Angel Network with the support of GIZ, the German Development Cooperation on behalf of the German Government. Tom will provide an introduction for the Masterclass, which will be conducted by long-time investor and president of ABAN, Tomi Davies. The masterclass will unpack the entire investment spectrum from deal origination, valuation, due diligence, negotiation, post-investment monitoring, exits as well as the fundamentals of managing an angel network. The launch and activities will take place at The Village Opera House, Lilliencron Street, Windhoek, Namibia.

NABAN is the result of the collaborative efforts of the GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation, ABAN, and the GIZ. This is the latest result of strategic ecosystem building activities designed to help investors learn about investing in Namibia and to reinforce the critical role that angel investors play in the early-stage ecosystem.

Thomas Festerling, CEO of GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation says, “We have a special bond with Namibia, having established our African office in Windhoek. Working closely with the GIZ to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem, the establishment of NABAN will build a bridge between supportive investors and early-stage startups which is the key to unlocking startup growth and success. We believe this will create new opportunities for the country and by linking the local network to the ABAN can boost regional expansion.”

Thomas Festerling

GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation CEO Thomas Festerling

ABAN cofounder and Director General David van Dijk comments, “In the effort to push the ecosystem forward it is critical to increase the number of active investors on both a local and international level. By raising the profile of angel investing, we effectively lower barriers to participation and create the infrastructure required to welcome new investors”. He continues. “Building a continent of Angel investors. One at a time.”

Tomi Davies, President of ABAN, added, “Angel investors play a key role in all successful entrepreneurial ecosystems and angel groups and investor networks need to be encouraged. A major focus for ABAN is to educate angel investors and support them with the tools and knowledge they need to make effective early-stage investments.” 

Anna Vambe, Project Manager Start-up Namibia: “Namibian Start-ups need Angel investors, they are ready. So far, only big tickets are available from the limited number of established PE/VC players in Namibia, starting from NAD 4 mio upwards. We really need Angel investors to bridge the gap for seed financing starting with investments from NAD 100.000, which Namibian Start-ups are so desperately looking for. In addition, Angel investors bring with networks, access to markets and much needed technical assistance for our Start-ups.”


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