Call for proposals: Circular Economy 4 Africa Project in Kenya.

Frankfurt (Germany), December 23rd 2020. 

The GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation is very pleased to announce the following call for proposals.

Background Information

Rooted in the commitment to foster a successful business environment and economic perspective of the development of African countries, “GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation” (GCAF) conducts a variety of support activities. GCAF cooperates closely with impact investors in Germany and Africa, which enables a translation of first-hand experiences in the equity investment sphere into the non-profit capacity building sphere in line with the official development aid principles of the German government. Its activities include knowledge sharing conferences, trainings for companies and investors, market analysis and discussion rounds to foster market transparency, capacity building for business operation to companies and investors in Africa.

Context of the project

In the context of the project “Circular Economy 4 Africa” the GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation supports efforts to introduce and enhance circular economy approaches in Africa with a specific focus on Kenya and Ghana.
Within the frame of the project, the impacts of Covid-19 on workers in the recycling industry shall be mitigated by protecting existing and creating new jobs along the waste value chain and providing trainings on how to continue work in the waste sectors safely in the time of Covid-19.

Application Instructions

Download the full Terms of Reference here:


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